1 - I have been living in Madrid ...

2 - This is the ... thing I have ever done.

3 - If I want to pass my exam, I ... study harder.

4 - Michael is ... his sister.

5 - Choose the right phrase.

6 - What ... now?

7 - He hasn't got ... time for a coffee.

8 - I have arranged ... dinner with Barbara on Thursday.

9 - I have never been in Scotland.

10 - We are going to Brazil in the summer.

11 - I can swim when I was five.

12 - He must finish the job yesterday.

13 - You shouldn't collect me from the office, it isn´t necessary.

14 - She's married to a doctor, doesn´t she?

15 - The guy ... we met at the concert is a friend of my brother.

16 - A social networking site is ... you can meet new people.

17 - ... one do you want? The red one or the blue one?

18 - They invited us to dinner ... is very nice of them.

19 - He's that famous actor ... is always on TV.

20 - ... book is this?


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